Sexy Frozen Things
Because Some movies are Worth Losing Your Ovaries For!



I wish I knew the source.

I’m okay with this

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Hans & 12 Brothers | LPS [pixiv] 

Hans & 12 Brothers | LPS [pixiv] 

  #Hans    #hans' brothers  
can I still be on team hans!? this is urgent

Welcome to Team Hans is the Sexiest!

yes hello I want to join team hans xD

Welcome to Team Hans is the Sexiest!

Team Kristoff please!!

Welcome to Team Kristoff is the Sexiest!


Some Frozen love from Elsa. reblog it for maximum coldness :D 

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In in love with anna, do you have sexy pics of her?


Of Course, and Here is a whole group of sexy Annas! 

i seriously have a crush on anna


I can’t blame you, Anna is like a cute little smexy Pretzel. 

kiss kristoff x kristoff!!!


Sorry, but no anon